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My Sauce Lab

As three restaurant veterans and world travelers  with endless energy and curiosity, we wanted to create exotic flavours that feed the soul. We created premium quality sauces with complex flavours that elevate dishes to match your curious taste buds . 

Every drop of our sauces deliver balanced heat and layers of flavours. It’s not just about hot , we bring out the flavour. We celebrate the taste of Nashville with a little something extra . ‘Every bite is full of thrill’.

Our sauce lab has grown into a commercial kitchen right into the heart of Nashville, we take our sauces and your health very seriously which has inspired us to create sauces that are gluten free ,vegan and have no artificial preservatives. Don’t think we need to say more . Whee!

We are the bosses of sauces.


At My Sauce Lab we create the best sauces you would ever come across

How to use our sauces ?

To practice what we preach, we set out to create a range of hot sauces that are not only unique in mind-blowing flavor, but also pair-up really well with all foods. Redefining your food for you, top it with your salad or add a little drizzle to your favorite burger. Because your taste buds need to be satisfied, we have rounded up flavors that go well with any food of your choice. Tangy, smoky, spice – it’s all worth it, from lifting flavors for that everyday gravy to subtly glazing those chicken wings. Have it for breakfast, dessert or just eat it by the handful – we’re not here to judge! 

Everything tastes better with our flavorful hot sauces.

Why us ?

My Sauce Lab was created out of deprivation of flavor, and frustration from high prices! 

Step into our lab and discover the mouthwatering flavor of awesome sauces at a price that is unimaginable and surely will  blow your mind. Our rich and authentic sauces are Vegan, Gluten-free  and with no Artificial Preservatives. Crafted in Nashville, TN our sauces are a beloved staple all around the world. Our premium blends make every meal delicious.Explore Mouthwatering flavors and join the cult of saucey goodness.

Mouth watering fresh flavors that you will love.

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