More than just a
hot sauce.

It all began with a craving for some flavor along with a nice kick of spice. After many months and countless tastings, we knew we had created something that must be shared.


Try this awesomesauce !

who, Why and how.

Our sauces are versatile as we wanted to create awesome sauces that match the flavors of world culture and heritage and so we worked with honesty and passion in delivering the best-tasting quality product in the market using only the premium ingredients worth sharing. Our sauces can be used with tacos, burgers , pizzas, soups , stews and soups, stews, and asian food. You can cook with them or put it on your salad as a dressing, making an awesome marinade. Simply put, It’s awesomeness in a bottle. Just using a few drops will keep you coming back for more to pour some more .

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How to use our sauces ?

Top your food up with extra delight and spice. Redefining your food for you, top it with your salad or add a little drizzle to your favorite burger. Because your taste buds need to be satisfied, we have rounded up flavors that go well with any food of your choice. Tangy, smoky, spice – it’s all worth it, from lifting flavors for that everyday gravy to subtly glazing those chicken wings. Have it for breakfast, snaks or just eat it by the handful – we’re not here to judge!

Why Us ?

Step into our lab and discover the mouthwatering flavor of awesome sauces that will positively blow your mind . Turn up the heat exactly where you want . Our rich and authentic sauces are Vegan , Gluten-free  and with no Artificial Preservatives. Crafted in Nashville, TN our sauces are a beloved staple all around the world. Every bottle contains an exquisite blend of peppers , spices and much more . Our premium blends make every meal delicious. Explore Mouthwatering flavors and join the cult of saucey goodness .

100% Vegan

Gluten Free

No Artificial Preservatives

Made in Nashville TN

100% Vegan

Gluten Free

No Artificial Preservatives

Made in Nashville TN

What our Customers  Say


My sister introduced me to Lucifer last week and I can’t thank her enough for this amazing gift. It’s so much better than any other hot sauce because it has FLAVOR ! I have since been literally adding this sauce on everything . It’s so good and so delicious that I’m addicted to this saucey goodness.


Sooo much flavor in one bottle . I’m obsessed with this stuff . My Sauce Lab sauces provides superior quality of sauces at affordable prices. I love the variety they offer . It contains the right amount of heat but what’s better is the taste . I can put these on anything to make some good eats and tasty dishes . LOVE IT !!


Toss , dip , marinate or slather it on anything edible and these sauces will intensify the taste of your food . I added the Green Goodness sauce to my tacos and OMG! I couldn’t stop eating. That gratitude I feel that these sauces are vegan is exceptional. I cannot wait to try other sauces by My Sauce Lab .

    In our Lab


    Smoked Mozzarella, Heirloom Tomato, Basil panini


    • Smoked mozzarella – 5 slices
    • Heirloom Tomatoes – 5 slices
    • Fresh Basil Leaves – 5 big leaves
    • MSL Pandemonium – 2 tsp As much as you desire
    • Mayonnaise – 1 Tbs
    • Multi grain bread – 2 slices

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